Q1: What should we pay attention to when charging?

A: Not charge the battery under special environment.
For USB charger,not charge it via PC directly.


Q2: The battery has been idle for a long time. Before you use it, what should you do?

A: The battery must be charged first before it is used if idle long time, to prevent the battery power is too low to open the camera.


Q3: What is not-decoded battery?

A: The not-decoded battery can not be charged in original charger(can be charged in OAproda charger), and can not used in some new camera models for some special situations.


Q4: About battery life.

A: The battery life is about 400 cycles more or less, that is, charge and discharge each 400 times.After that the battery standby time will be decreased, we will suggest you change a new battery instead.


Q5: Why don’t charge the USB charger with computer/laptop?

A: For Security,do not charge your battery/ USB charger with computer,in order to avoid any possible damages of computer from high temperature.
The computer USB port mainly supports data transmission,rather than charges other products.


Q6: Why the LED light doesn’t work after powering on the charger with battery installed?

A: Please check the USB port connection status and battery +/- hardware.