OAproda 44m Screen Protector (2 Pack) Compatible with Apple Watch Series 4/5

(47 customer reviews)


  • 3D Round Coverage, Protector Around: This Apple Watch screen protector adopts Professional CNC technology, special heat-bending technique, provide full coverage from edge to edge.
  • Easy to Install, Bubble Free: With Installation Frame, you can install it perfectly.For any Guidance,You can watch our installation video.
  • Stay for Long Time: This 44mm screen protector with special adhesive bond your Watch automatically and snugly, making installation simple.And you can easily take off it when needed.
  • Optically Transparent, Senstive Touching : Made from PET material, with high Transparency, The screen protectors are senstive to touch, offering “True Touch” feel and keeping the bright and colorful image quality as original.
  • Keep your Watch Clear: An anti-fingerprint coating for the protector prevents fingerprints, oil and other contaminants, makes the screen protector easy to clean, keeping you watch clear in daily life.


Enjoy Life, Enjoy OAproda

OAproda is always committing to provide our customer with stylish and practical products, while at the same time with the highest quality. Our aim is to give you the best products and services. Your needs are our lifetime pursuit!


  • Stay Well on Apple Watch: Adopting a new high-viscosity adhesive, difficult to peel off.
  • Easy Installation: With Installation Frame, you can install the protector perfectly without bubbles.
  • Resistant Shatter and Scratch: Made of PET wear-resistant material, not shatter as easy as tempered glass protector.
  • Provide Full Coverage: Adopting Professional CNC technology, special heat-bending technique, the protetor provide full coverage from edge to edge.

Package included:

  • 2 x screen protector
  • 2 x Fixing Plate
  • 2 x Microfiber cloth
  • 2 x Wet Wipes
  • 1 x Card for installing
  • 1 x Installation Frame
  • 1 x User Manual


  •  Before installing, you should clean your hands, take off the protective case, clean the watch’s screen. And it will be better if you install the screen protector under a windless and dust free environment.
  •  For any guidence of installation, please watch our Installation Video.

47 reviews for OAproda 44m Screen Protector (2 Pack) Compatible with Apple Watch Series 4/5

  1. Najee Nasser

    These screen guards are great, I will always order from OAproda

  2. Ivan Zamora

    Good quality product covering and protecting all the apple watch screen. It comes with all the accessories and guides you need for a correct installation. Very good purchase

  3. Don Whitson

    Bubbles appeared that won’t go away

  4. Harry

    I liked the product, This is second time i bought it 😊

  5. Ochen O

    great installation process,love the covering

  6. Matt Bannecker

    Fit is good and product was easy to install after watching the video. Can hardly tell here is anything on the watch.

  7. Kevin Bequette

    Very pleased.

  8. Michael Grotegut

    Product was easy to install and the video that showed the installation instructions was well done

  9. Erik

    Smoothest installation ever

  10. Jerren Creak

    I love the product the only thing I don’t like is the guide wasn’t exact so a small portion of my screen is covered

  11. Otis Crockett

    Hard to get the bubbles out

  12. Neda Gilani

    It’s great

  13. Michael A Carlisle

    The adhesive on the stabilization ring made it difficult to remove from the watch and tore when I tried to remove it from the table. I was worried about accidentally damaging the edge of the screen protector.

    Everything else went very smoothly. The video made things very clear, although it was very fast and the background music was painful.

  14. Jack K Omilanowicz


  15. Maricela Garcia

    Super easy installation. It fit perfect on my Apple Watch 5 series. So far so good.

  16. Shaneka Kelley

    The product works great. I am currently looking at making another purchase.

  17. Christina Redfearn

    Easy to install quick shipment

  18. Frank Guzman

    Easy to install and the watch looks awesome again!

  19. dinh

    good product, cheap price, fast shipping

  20. Joann Street

    Just received and installed looks good but haven’t had a chance to Use

  21. Joseph Owadee

    Easy fixing and quality product.

  22. Mckenzie Davidson


  23. Josselynne Jones

    The cover Perfectly fits and is exactly what I needed.

  24. Kurt Jomo

    Still need to install however product look like it is high quality

  25. Lina Castro

    Hello, Excellent product but we damaged it while installing it.. oops. Can we get a replacement? Thank you

  26. Rogelio

    Perfection and easy to stall, i love the product, i will buy one more if i need it

  27. Sherray Williams

    Easy install and product provided maximum watch screen coverage

  28. Danica

    Very easy to use and a great product!!

  29. Russ Jones

    Goes on relatively easily. To get a replacement spare protector, you must leave a review on Amazon.

  30. Carroll Lindler

    Watched video, followed instruction, installed easily and first try with zero bubbles. Does seem to show finger smudges, and only time will tell how well it stays in.

  31. Matthew Shaw

    Very easy to install. Seems to be of good quality. Will have to see how it holds up, but for now I’m satisfied.

  32. Ron Diamond

    It still has a bubble even with your modified instructions.

  33. Giovanni

    Second go around there was only a small bubble that I got out thanks!

  34. Gerardo Herrera

    I think it came packaged very neatly and the products itself is 5 stars. I highly recommend as it also has an easy installation tool! It made the installing a lot easier since I didn’t have to worry if it aligned well since the tool practically made it happen.

  35. eReader

    Just installed the product. Looks and feels good. Thank you for the installation video, it was useful.

  36. Suhail Ahmed Kodgi

    Was easy to install, but hard to remove tiny bubbles


    This is one of the best Apple Watch screen protectors I have used. The installation was easy as long as you take the time to read the detailed instructions and there were no bubbles. You can’t even tel you have a screen protector installed. Very happy with it and will see how the durability is. So far, one of the best Apple Watch screen protectors out there in my opinion.

  38. Mahmoud ElZahed

    Applying it was hard even while following the video

  39. Robert McMahon

    Like this product. Seems to work fine after just now installing one of them.

  40. David Chang

    Pretty easy to install and undetectable once on the watch

  41. Nicholas Dura

    Amazing product and customer support. My package was missing the squeegee and adhesive watch holder. I sent an email and hopefully will have a replacement sent. Otherwise I will edit my review but the product is the best watch screen protector that doesn’t block any of the buttons on the back of the watch and isn’t flimsy or installed lopsided. I would highly recommend.

  42. Anthony McMillan

    Great product would highly recommend

  43. Shubham Makharia

    The he product seems to be tailored well ascetically, because of 3d curves.

    But I am really worried, since this is not tempered glass, would my watch be safe if it drops?
    Further, there are very small two bubbles on the top right and bottom left, even after pressing multiple times firmly. I am also worried about the area where the cover is curved to fit better, but that part does not sticks to watch glass. Without pressure, I am easily able to slide a paper inside, thus I am worried if water and dust will enter into the glass protector.

    Please advise.

  44. Adelmo Omeragic

    Fits perfectly. You can’t even tell it is there. And I was able to instal my protective watch case with it as well.

  45. Parish Patel

    The product was great. Arrived on time and installation was easy.

  46. Brian P Auger

    So far so good. Seems like a good protector.

  47. Vignesh subramanian

    Good product but could see airbubble popping on the screen after few days

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